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Shelby Thompson



Shelby grew up in sunny Southern California and currently resides in Los Angeles where she works at Fox Sports as a creative production assistant. Growing up, Shelby had a passion for playing both land and water sports. Greatly influenced by the ambition and competition surrounding the athletic community, she moved on to play division III lacrosse where she captained the team at Chapman University. Dabbling in different fields of study and odd jobs during her time as captain, Shelby always remained curious about people, especially ones that pushed the limits like she's seen in sports. In the realization that majoring in documentary would connect her to the lives of different people every day, Shelby remained fascinated with finding stories representing true grit, extremes, and peak performances. With a raw talent of capturing audience's attention with her storytelling capabilities, Shelby hopes to make more content on platforms that aligns her passions of sports, people, and leadership with her values of community, passion, and purpose.  




Marty O'Connor



Marty is a product of Orange County who grew up with fire in his eyes and a board under his feet. He became a collegiate snowboarder at CU Boulder, and earned his BA in Film Studies. After a spinal cord injury in 2012, Marty started conquering challenges with a different set of wheels under him. He set out to make a difference and founded the Marty O'Connor Foundation for Progress, earned his MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship with top honors, and received his executive certification in Leadership. Putting his skill set to work, he now runs his own creative agency, “MOCA” (Marty O’Connor Creative Agency), hosts a podcast focused on empowerment & entertainment called “Wheel Talks”, and is writing his first book, Back In Action, in order to show others the strategic roadmap for turning their adversity into their advantage. Marty brings a rare energy and perspective to all of his endeavors, and shares his unique perspective through motivational speaking opportunities.


Judy O'Connor



Judy grew up in the Midwest, but these days considers herself bi-coastal, spending time at her home in Tierra Verde, Florida as well as with her son in Orange, California. After earning her degree in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame, Judy married her high school sweetheart, and together they raised three daughters and a son. Volunteering and philanthropic endeavors have always been her passion. Inspired by spending numerous hours in the classroom, Judy pursued a teaching credential of her own at Cal State Fullerton and enjoyed many years teaching at the elementary level both in California and Florida. After her son’s devastating spinal cord injury in 2012, Judy retired from teaching and is a full time caregiver for her son and Treasurer of the family’s Marty O’Connor Foundation for Progress, whose mission is to support others on their journey toward recovery. 

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